Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The FreeRadZ

Free Radz : The Concept

Enter into a world of music with the FreeRadz, an aspiring teenage band from the small town of Granville.

Heart-warming. Funny. And Real.

This musical experience is also a tale of love, friendship and a compelling search for identity.

In this world, where each one dances to a different tune, the power of music blends their unique stories into a beautiful tapestry of life at its truest form… Fresh from a multi-cultural descent of varying beliefs and a diverse range of social standing, Ludwig, Yah-ma, Fatchoy, Satuh and Mozhar struggle to whip up a fine blend of music, life, love and success.

Bombarded with all kinds of teenage hang-ups, this radical bunch strives to twist the joke of fate by ignoring the negative vibes of their so-called life. With an outlook of “fun-fun-fun” combined with a passion for music, our crazy pals try hard to develop their craft … little do they know, there is an amazing gift of music waiting to explode within each one of them.

Kicking off from these young music crusaders, the FreeRadZ is in for an exciting ride of drum beats, guitars, keyboards and a few raging hormones. Amazingly, even the neighborhood’s fierce dog, Poncho succumbs to the call of their music, as if taming his wild urge to get a piece of every passerby.

Like magic, the FreeRadZ slowly becomes a town hit but the pitfalls of popularity eventually teaches them valuable lessons that transforms them into a more mature band, where music and not fame remains the driving force.

With a multi-racial mix of characters, this highly charged series is full of real life stories that young adults can definitely relate to. Through trials and tribulations and everything “young” the FreeRadz will explore the multi-faceted color of living and growing up. From bad habits and good values to chat rooms, family problems and friendly romance, the FreeRadZ is all about what’s hip, young and human. Of course, all these, revolving around a lifestyle of music: mp3 players, microphones, DJs, concerts, dance and say what? Yes… the ever famous BATTLE of the BANDS!